Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing
Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing

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Slide Vision testing made easy The Kay Picture Test is the only validated picture optotype test that provides accurate measurements earlier than symbol and letter tests. Kay Picture Test, snellen picture eye test chart EXPLORE Slide Examinations made fun Developed by a specialist paediatric orthoptist, our child-appropriate tools make testing quick and easy. Occluding glasses, occlusion eye patches, occluders DISCOVER Slide Patching made perfect Kay Fun Patches are our trusted, high-quality medical eye patches for babies, children and adults. KFP Generations Group Shot LEARN MORE

Test children‘s vision with confidence.

Children’s eyesight is important to us. Our age-appropriate products have been scientifically and clinically validated over many years, and allow eye professionals to achieve successful and accurate assessments while ensuring the child’s interest and attention are maintained throughout testing.

Our Kay Picture visual acuity test is the Gold Standard picture vision test for pre-literate children, providing precise, crowded visual acuity measurements earlier than symbol and letter tests.

So, look no further for the best products to test young children’s eyes!

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We have added two fantastic posters to our free resources for eye professionals. Our brand-new Kay Fun Patch Poster is colourful and Read more

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