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Adult Glasses Patches

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Plain-coloured Adult Glasses Patches without elastic.


Our Adult Glasses Patches are plain and discreetly coloured. Please note that these patches are only suitable for attaching to glasses with separate nose pieces!

The patches are made from layers of foam and breathable and washable fabric which is certified safe to use against the skin. Once attached to a person’s spectacles at the nose piece and temples, the patches are comfortable to wear and fit snugly against the eye.

Full fitting instructions and diagrams are included with each patch.

The following two patch sizes are available:
Regular – 116mm by 55mm (widest) or
Large – 140mm by 62mm (widest).

In the drop down menu above, you can choose the preferred size and quantity of assorted-colour packs of 10 or 50 Adult Glasses Patches (black, navy, grey, brown and beige).

All our patches have been carefully designed and are made entirely in the UK.

You can buy individual adult glasses patches for personal use from the Ideal Eye Patch store here.


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If the item shows as currently out of stock, please contact us via email contact@kaypictures.co.uk or telephone +44 (0)1442 823507 to enquire this product’s availability.

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