Precision meets passion in crafting our high-quality, hypoallergenic reusable eye patches. Despite being a small UK-based business, we’re the largest producer of them, and we’re proud to impact the lives of nearly 40,000 children annually.

What Sets Us Apart

Creating our reusable eye patches requires 7 completely different processes, would you believe. We use 500m of skin-friendly, breathable fabrics for every 100k eye patches, and every single one is hand-sewn with care. It’s this hand-sewing process which takes the most time, as you might imagine, constituting 80% of production costs.

A Green Approach

Our eye patches aren’t just comfortable and high quality; they’re eco-friendly too. Proudly 100% UK-made, we’ve had a low carbon footprint since 1998.

The Production Journey

Here’s a glimpse into the 7 different steps to make Kay Fun Patches and Kay Pictures reusable eye patches.

1. OEKO-TEX Certified Polyester Processing:

This involves yarn preparation, weaving, and dyeing. OEKO-TEX certified means that every component of the material has been rigorously tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals.

2. Pattern Printing with Precision:

Our Silk Town-based supplier in Macclesfield has over 50 years’ experience within the textile printing industry. They employ water-based inks and the eco-friendly dye sublimation method. This not only guarantees vibrant patterns but also minimizes environmental impact with zero wastewater and minimal wastage of ink and cloth.

3. Safe Bonding for Comfort:

Our eye patch material is bonded to certified safe and breathable layers. This chemical-free process ensures comfort while maintaining a longstanding tradition of textile manufacturing excellence in Lancashire.

4. Laser-Cut Precision:

Our patches take shape with meticulous laser-cutting techniques by a UK-based, family run business with over 30 years’ experience. After rigorous testing and prototyping, we landed on a winning formula for our desired finish of flat shapes, catering to different sizes of eye and glasses patches.

5. Hand-Made Elegance:

Craftsmanship reaches its pinnacle with hand-sewn detailing. Our patches are carefully folded and sewn using specialist sewing threads and elastic, all OEKO-TEX certified for safety and comfort next to the skin.

6. Seamless Eye Patch Assembly:

Following the above sewing process, our patches then undergo a seamless assembly, providing not only aesthetic appeal but also a guarantee of quality.

7. Elastic Excellence:

The final touch involves producing safe nylon and elastane elastic, dyed to match various colours, and OEKO-TEX certified. This latex-free elastic not only enhances the aesthetics but also contributes to our commitment to sustainability.

What our Customers Say

In a recent survey with eye professionals, we found that the top three benefits of using our reusable patches (over disposable ones) were that they’re:

  1. Kinder to sensitive skin
  2. More comfortable to wear
  3. More sustainable (i.e. lower carbon footprint and less waste)

In summary, in crafting our reusable eye patches we’ve woven together innovation, quality, and sustainability. With a focus on customer comfort and a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, we like to think of our eye patches not just as products, but as a reflection of our dedication to making a positive impact on vision support.

Curious about our range? Explore our eye patches here.