Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing
Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing

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Kay Picture Test Screening Chart


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Double-sided screening chart, near test and matching card with the Kay Picture optotypes.

In stock


Our Kay Picture Test Screening Chart is a double sided distance screening chart for vision testing at school entry, GP practice or other screening environment without the child needing to know capital letters. This is a very quick and easy test process with single and line presentation at three metre test distance.

The Kay Picture Test Screening Chart uses our fully researched picture optotypes which provide reliable visual acuity measurement comparable with ETDRS.

It measures from 0.80 to -0.10 (3/19 – 3/2.4) with the last five sizes having a linear format so that a crowded acuity measurement is possible. The central row of four pictures can be scored to provide an acuity measurement per optotypes. The chart is suitable for children aged 4+.

Full instructions are included.

Learn more about the research behind the redevelopment of our optotypes here.

Which Kay Picture Test matches my needs? Please click here for an overview of the varying formats and their features.



Dimensions: 52cm x 32cm x 0.2cm

Country of origin: GB


Weight 0.450 kg
Dimensions 52 × 32 × 0.2 cm


We recommend that the screening chart is used at 3 Metre (10 feet) distance to achieve good concentration and cooperation from young children. There should be no significant difference in acuities at these distances for most children.

If testing at 6 metres with our three metre chart, the notation must be changed as follows:

Snellen fraction:
Change the numerator figure from 3 to 6, so 3/6 size picture at three metres becomes 6/6 at 6 metres.

Take 0.3 from the score shown on the chart, so 0.3 Size at three metres becomes 0.0 size if tested at 6 metres.

Download our conversion chart.


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