Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing
Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing

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Kay Fun Patches

From £63.00

Colourful, reusable glasses patches made from certified materials in the UK.


Kay Fun Patches are reusable, fabric occlusion patches to treat amblyopia. The patches fit comfortably and snugly under most sizes and styles of spectacles to provide effective occlusion.

The patches come in a wonderful range of colourful designs to suit any child, and most patterns are universal for the right or left eye. They are washable, environmentally friendly and very cost-effective.

Our quality patches are manufactured entirely in the UK from certified, hypoallergenic, breathable fabrics and foam using water-based inks and dyes.

Kay Fun Patches provide the perfect combination of comfort, style and fit to make the treatment time fun and effective for children who have amblyopia.

Our patches are 11.8cm long and 6cm wide (5 x 2.5 inches).

Choose between packs of 10, 50 or more in assorted designs or all boys and all girls patches.


Kay Fun PatchYou can buy individual Kay Fun Patches for personal use from our online shop.

Country of origin: GB


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


Our Kay Fun Patches are easy to attach to any glasses frames. The elastic strip goes around the frame of moulded glasses, or covers over the nose pad buttonhole on the inside of the frame for glasses with separate nose pads.
See our photo instructions for covering the right or left eye.

The patch size guide will help with choosing the best size of patch.


“We love the Kay Fun Patches, especially with the elastic at the nose!
Claire Gilmour, Head Orthoptist, Dundee

“We use these as our first line of occlusion treatment. The addition of the elastic is successful in securing the patch to plastic frames which do not have the nose pads, so well done for this.”
Gladys Henderson, Head Orthoptist, Monklands Hospital

“Just to say that the Orthoptists at MK are loving the new Kay patches, the elastic, the designs etc.”
J. Eyre, Milton Keynes Hospital

“I am a 60 year old woman who suffers double vision following a burst aneurysm. I have to wear a patch and I was given a couple by my hospital. I find them so easy to wear and would like to buy some more… Thank you very much for the set of 10 girl’s patches – I am delighted with them.”
Mrs Robertson, Argyll

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