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Fully Researched, Clinically Trialled & Validated

The Kay Picture Test is the only fully researched and validated picture visual acuity test that provides consistent, subjective visual acuity earlier than letter and symbol tests.

In a comprehensive research study carried out by Liverpool University Directorate of Orthoptics and Vision Science and a number of clinical orthoptic departments across the UK and The Retina Foundation of the Southwest, USA, the Kay Picture Test was shown to be valid and repeatable within the limits of current gold standards with high testability1,2.

Recent normative data collected for the redesigned Kay Picture Visual Acuity Test shows that those tested with the Kay Picture Test in comparison to previously published norms of HOTV and Lea Symbols, have more consistent mean visual acuity scores across all ages and less variability in acuities (numerically lower standard deviations).3

Child Friendly and Age–Appropriate Tools

Eye examinations take time and require cooperation from the child. Our vision tests and accessories have been developed to make testing quick and easy.

Developed by an Orthoptist

Our business was founded in 1984 by orthoptist Hazel Kay. Based on her own clinical experience, she continues to develop creative solutions that empower other eye professionals.

“In every hospital I have worked, the Kay Picture Test has been the Gold Standard test for paediatric acuity.”
Dr. Iain Livingstone, Glasgow

“Kay Pictures vision testing is brilliant, easy and fun.”
Helen Collett, Orthoptist

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Giving back is important to us. Therefore, we have teamed up with universities and charities across the UK and worldwide to share our resources and create opportunities for others.

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2 Milling, A., Newsham, D., Tidbury, L., O’Connor, A.R. and Kay, H., 2015. The redevelopment of the Kay picture test of visual acuity. British and Irish Orthoptic Journal, 13, pp.14–21. DOI: http://doi.org/10.22599/bioj.97
3 O’Connor AR, Kay H, Milling A. Normative data for the redesigned Kay Picture visual acuity test Jaapos 2020.05.003