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Kay iSight Test Professional app

Available for iphones and ipads!


The Kay iSight Test Professional app lets you measure and record near and distant visual acuity in children from 18 months of age through to adults. It is simple and intuitive to use, making your testing quick and easy.

The app uses British and US standard letters and Kay Picture optotypes for young children and others with a learning disability. In addition, near reading text is provided as short paragraphs or single, high frequency words.

The Kay Picture Test is the only fully-validated picture vision test with accurate, recognisable pictures and evidence-based crowding. This app is CE marked as a medical device.


  • Choice of letters or pictures for acuity testing.
  • Various testing distances from 33cm to 6 metres.
  • NEW! Reading text in 12 sizes from N48 to N5
  • Offers single, crowded and chart presentation.
  • LogMAR.plus metric or imperial Snellen, or Decimal notation,
  • Easy to increase and decrease the size displayed.
  • Simple to refresh the optotypes on screen.
  • Records visual acuity results for each eye.
  • Saves your results for later review in test history.

Our Kay iSight Test Professional app is free for one week once downloaded. After this you can either purchase a monthly subscription for £4.49 per month or an annual subscription for £27.49 per year.

Get it now!

iPhone Demo

iPad Demo


For a full overview of our terms and conditions of i Sight Pro, please click here.


“Kay’s crowded picture testing using the iPad app has transformed our practice, we are so mobile and it is great for those children who usually would take a longer time to warm to you/testing!”
Laura, Senior Orthoptist, GCUH, Australia

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