Kay Letter Test Near Test Card


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A5 laminated Kay Letter Test Near Test Card.

In stock


The Kay Letter Test Near Test Card is an A5 size laminated card with two columns of reduced size letters from 1.0 to -0.1 LogMAR (6/60 to 6/4.8 Snellen) at 33cm testing distance.

The chart comprises 8 Sloan letters, with 4 per row within a crowding box at each size. On the reverse side is reading text suitable for young readers. It has high frequency words in print sizes from N48 to N5. The same card is included in the Kay Letter Test.

The card is matt-laminated and wipe clean. It is packaged in a handy plastic wallet for safe storage between uses.

Country of origin: GB

Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg


The Kay Letter Test Near Test Card is laminated and not sealed around the edges. Any liquid that penetrates underneath the laminate will eventually discolour the pages and potentially lead to the sheets de-laminating at the edges. Anti-bacterial wipes could be used very carefully, whilst paying close attention not to get the edges too damp.

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