Cardiff Acuity Test Replacement Box

Cardiff Acuity Test – Replacement Box

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Product Description

This is a heavy duty wooden box with a vinyl plastic finish and carrying handle to store the Cardiff Acuity test cards. This replacement box is sold separately, or you can purchase it with the dividers.

The dividers supplied are for the Standard Cardiff Test set.


Additional Information

Weight 4 kg

More Details

The Cardiff Acuity Test is designed especially for the hard to test age group, 12 months to 30 months. It uses familiar pictures and a procedure in the form of a game to attract and keep the attention of young children. It relies on the technique of “preferential looking” – that is, the observer simply notes the child’s eye movements in order to determine whether he or she can see the picture.

The standard version covers a range of visual acuity levels from 6/48 and 6/96 to 6/3.75 and 6/7.5 (at working distances of 1 metre and 50 cm).

Kay Pictures is a licensed distributor for the Cardiff Vision Tests.


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