Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing
Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing

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Kay Letter Test 6m Acrylic LogMAR Chart / Light Box

From £35.00

Translucent acrylic letter screening chart and optional illumination box


The Kay Letter Test 6 Metre Acrylic LogMAR Chart provides 6 Sloan letter optotypes in LogMAR sizing and Snellen equivalent sizes from 0.8 to -0.2 LogMAR (6/38 to 6/3.8 Snellen). The six letters have been carefully chosen to provide similar legibility with the need to differentiate similar shapes. This also gives the option to use a matching card if required.

Sizes 0.3 to -0.2 have 5 letters per line, giving the option to assign a LogMAR acuity score to each letter for the best repeatability. The LogMAR and Snellen scores provided on this chart are specific for a six metre test distance. If you use this chart at a different distance the scores will need to be adjusted accordingly. To test for acuity sizes worse that 0.8 (6/38) we recommend that you change your test distance to three metres which will add 3 additional LogMAR sizes. See more information in the scoring tab.

The Kay Letter Test 6 Metre Acrylic LogMAR Chart fits a standard large illuminated LED light box and four-sided rotating test type.
From the drop-down menu above, you can choose to purchase the chart together with the light box, light box with carry handle or light box with a wall bracket.

The lightweight LED illuminated box holds a single vision testing acrylic panel and has a spotlight below the panel. A manual side switch will select which section is illuminated. It comes with a 12V medical power plug and 2 metre lead to the right side of the unit. The box is white in colour and can be wall-hung, or stood on its feet plus integral stability bar. The LED illumination strips should last for 30-50,000 hours. Replacements can be fitted by the manufacturer.

This standard size acrylic chart will slide up for easy replacement, if required.

Country of origin: GB


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Scoring at 3M

How to score visual acuity if using this six-metre chart at a three metre test distance:

LogMAR – add 0.3 to the LogMAR score shown on the chart, so a LogMAR score of 0.8 becomes 1.1; 0.7 become 1.0; and so on.

Snellen – either replace the numerator figure 6 with 3, so 6/38 size shown is 3/38 OR keep the numerator 6 and double the denominator figure, so 6/38 size shown is 6/72.


See our Visual Acuity Conversion Chart.


Disconnect the light box from mains!
This unit may be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth and a weak solution of detergent/disinfectant. Please note, alcohol-based cleaning fluids should NOT be used.

Technical Details

EN60601-1: approved
Input: 100-240v/AC, 50-60Hz, 160-80mA
Output (to Evans unit): 12v/DC, 600mA, 7.2w


Due to the weight of the product there is an additional shipping cost of £12.00 for deliveries within the UK. Overseas charges may be higher.

Country of origin: GB

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