Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing
Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing

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Kay Magic Patches


Obscuring adhesive patches for glasses frames.
Choose between Magic Patches with a protective wallet or two sets of refill patches.


The Kay Magic Patches are inconspicuous, adhesive patches for glasses. They are most suitable for amblyopia and intractable diplopia treatment.

Once attached to the lens the patches obscure all form to the wearer but allow light into the eye. Moreover, the Kay Magic Patches are less obtrusive for the wearer than a blackout patch and the eye behind the patch remains visible to the observer.

The patches are applied to the inside of one spectacle lens and are easily removed after use without leaving any glue residue. For guidance on how to attach the patches, please click the instructions tab.

The protective rigid wallet contains 12 large patches in total. They are 8cm x 6.5cm in size, enough for up to 24 uses.

Replacement packs of 24 patches in total can also be purchased, please select this option from the drop down menu.

The wallet is made from wipe-clean vinyl and the patches can be wiped but not immersed in water.

Ideal Eye Patch ShopYou can buy individual magic patches for personal use from the Ideal Eye Patch store here.

Country of origin: GB


Weight N/A
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“The Kay Magic Patch is fantastic. As a full time wearer of glasses the patch is far less intrusive and attracts a lot less attention. It is also relatively easy to apply.”

(Double vision)

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