Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing
Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing

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Kay Amblyopia Tracker App

We are working on an exciting new project!
When the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted that remote patient support was more important than ever, we were inspired to develop a tool that would aid eye professionals and patients alike.

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The Amblyopia Tracker allows eye professionals to safely lengthen the time between clinical appointments by giving parents a simple way to monitor changes in their child’s vision at home during their treatment.

The app will only be available to patients through their eye professional, ensuring that home testing is part of ongoing eye care, and can be provided at no cost to parents.

Both iOS and Android versions have been built and we have received NHS ethical approval for a research study which is currently being carried out.

The first stage of our research has been completed, peer-reviewed and published in the freely-available British and Irish Orthoptic Journal. Read the article here.

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UK Patent Pending No. 2019264.7


Latest News

6th January 2022

FREE, no obligation 3 month pre-launch trials of the Amblyopia Tracker are now available for eye professionals! Please get in touch to receive further details.

20th April 2021

The first stage of our research has been completed, peer-reviewed and published in the freely-available British and Irish Orthoptic Journal this month.

The investigators at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and at the University of Liverpool have established our hypothesis that a visual acuity score taken by varying the test distance along the logarithmic scale is not significantly different to a visual acuity score measured in the conventional manner by changing the optotype size at one fixed distance.

The next two ongoing phases of the research will establish the practicalities of using this new approach in our Amblyopia Tracker app by parents and their children in a home setting.

Read the BIOJ article here.

More Detail

What is the Kay Amblyopia Tracker?

The Amblyopia Tracker is a free app that parents can use to monitor changes in their child’s vision at home. It is activated by a code provided by the eye professional responsible for their diagnosis and treatment and is safe and easy to use.

How does it work?

The testing process uses Sloan letters or Kay Picture optotypes and an automated testing process that measures vision as a distance in centimetres, which is a different version of the same optical science employed in acuity testing. Testing is best performed weekly to iron out expected small differences in scoring, and results are provided as a chart.

Why change from a conventional test?

We believe that it provides the right combination of familiar clinical optotypes with a process that is automated and quick, and this combination should provide parents with confidence in the test yet remove expectations of the results being identical to a professional visual acuity test.

By using a different method of testing and scoring vision, the app is safe from misinterpretation or comparison with clinical acuity scores by parents.

A distance measurement is an easier concept than an acuity score and should allow parents to focus on the visual changes as a trend that is showing on their chart.

What are the benefits?

It helps with patient motivation and encourages better understanding of the association between treatment adherence and improved vision in a simple chart format.

The chart can be used to feedback into the eye service if there are concerns or delays in appointments.

This is a way of sharing information and offering a sense of control to parents about their child’s treatment while maintaining your professional support and responsibility.

Home monitoring could be used to safely lengthen the time between clinical appointments for some patients, so easing pressure on the eye service.

Is it safe?

Yes. The app provides parents with contact information for their eye professional, but all data is safely stored only on their phone. No data sharing or information collection occurs externally.

What’s next?

We will shortly be inviting a number of orthoptic departments who expressed an interest last year to participate in a free Pre-Launch use of the app for their patients. The patient research with the app in home use will continue and be published in due course.


For a full overview of our terms and conditions of the Amblyopia Tracker, please click here.

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