Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing
Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing

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Kay Amblyopia Tracker App

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The Amblyopia Tracker allows eye professionals to give their patients a way to monitor changes in their child’s vision at home between clinic appointments.

The app provides an easy, automated test process for parents to follow, results are stored safely only on their phone and displayed in a simple chart that can be shared with their eye professional by email.

Home monitoring aims to motivate patients by encouraging active involvement in their treatment. The app’s results chart gives feedback on the positive effect of amblyopia treatment, vision monitoring or during refractive adaptation.

Regular home testing can reassure concerned parents, alert parents to possible issues between appointments, or even reduce the frequency of some follow-up clinical appointments.

The app is free to download on both Android and iOS smartphones, then is activated by a code provided by the eye professional, ensuring that home testing is part of ongoing eye care.

Vision is measured with accurate letter or picture optotypes, but with a different method from a clinical test, thus ensuring that parents understand the role of the app is monitoring changes, not replacing their clinical care.

The app has been through a full NHS ethical research project and has a peer-reviewed study published that validates the testing method. Read the article here.

The second phase results of children tested at home was presented at the IOA congress June 2022, with publication to follow shortly, showing good, reliable results and positive patient and parent satisfaction with the app.

Supporting material for parents is provided in the app with a step-by-step tutorial and a list of practical tips on testing. We also have free DIY occluding glasses designed to help ensure that the correct eye is covered.

UK Patent Pending No. 2019264.7



For a full overview of our terms and conditions of the Amblyopia Tracker, please click here.

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