Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing
Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing

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Lang Stereopad


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Double sided A5 test panel with magnetic test cards for the assessment of stereopsis.

In stock


The Lang Stereopad, similarly to the the Lang Stereotests I and II, combines Random Dots with a lenticular surface but offers more sophisticated assessments of stereopsis. Magnetic test cards are shown individually or in pairs on a handy red double-sided test panel. The test does not require specific glasses, and is highly sensitive for global stereopsis. It has no monocular clues and is ideal for preferential looking testing of infants and preverbal children.

In a pilot sample* of 240 orthotropic children between 1 and 10 years, all 33 aged less than 2 years could be tested with the the Lang Stereopad prototype, but none of them with the TNO-Test.

*A. Piantanida, Italy 2017

The Lang Stereopad comprises of an A5 double sided test panel, 6 magnetic test cards with the following disparities 1000’’ (star) , 600’’ (car) , 400’’ (cat) , 200’’(moon), 100’’ (sun), 50’’ (star). It also includes an instruction brochure and storage box. Please note that the magnetic monopod shown in the gallery image is not included in this set.

Please allow for a delivery time of 21-28 days.

Weight: 355g

Dimensions: A5 (21cm x 14.8 cm)

Country of origin: CH


Please allow for a delivery time of 21-28 days.

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