Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing
Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing

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Amblyopia Colouring Book

From £12.00

Interactive story and colouring book to support amblyopia treatment.


Our Hoppity Frog Amblyopia Book is a rhyming story and colouring book for children who are undergoing treatment for amblyopia and are wearing an eye patch.

The Hoppity Frog poem tells the story of a cute frog with clever eyes who has an eye test at nursery where he learns about his amblyopia. With some glasses and patching treatment he soon sees brilliantly and enjoys games with his friends.

The book is A5 in size and has 20 pages. At the bottom of each page is a a row of tadpoles at different stages of developing into frogs. The tadpoles are large on page 1 and get smaller throughout the book. As the child’s eyesight improves, they will be able to see more and more of the tadpoles correctly.

Our Hoppity Frog Amblyopia Book is available in packs of 10 or 50.


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