Child Friendly and Age-Appropriate Tools

We develop, manufacture and source child-friendly tests that make a difference

Our age-appropriate products have been scientifically and clinically validated over many years. These creatively designed tests and tools are essential to achieving a successful and accurate eye assessment with a young child.

For example, appropriate, detailed fixation sticks form an important role in ensuring that the patient can maintain a steady and consistent gaze and accommodation for the duration of a particular test. The pictures have bold colours and lots of details to ensure there is something to look at for the required testing time, rather than simply viewing a simple picture that will only hold a patient’s attention fleetingly. Tester familiarity with the pictures will help to prompt patients to note the colours and details to look for.

fixation sticks
Early Testing

Early testing and intervention will prevent avoidable vision loss

Successful eye examinations rely on the cooperation from the child, so our vision tests and accessories have been developed to make testing quick and easy. Using our age- appropriate vison tests will ensure that the child’s interest, attention, and understanding are maintained throughout testing. 

Our occluding glasses and patches were developed to aid monocular vision testing to avoid using a sticky patch, which stick to hair and eyebrows causing distress to some or just a distraction when concentration is needed. The colourful plastic occluding glasses are much more likely to be accepted as they look like fun sunglasses. They are shaped to cover as much of the eye area as possible and to fit snugly to avoid the opportunity for the child to look over or under the occluded lens.