Useful Links for Eye Professionals

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Acuity Representations

These visual acuity representation are to inform patients, parents, teachers, carers and other professionals who have received visual acuity details relating to children with visual impairment.

Ideal Eye Patch

If you would like to purchase individual adult eye patches for personal use, please visit this online store which offers a selection of our patches either plain our with many colourful designs and patterns.

Kay Fun Patch

If you would like to purchase individual fabric eye patches for children for personal use, please visit our Kay Fun Patch online store. There you will find a wide selection of eye and glasses patches in many fun and vibrant designs. We also offer a range of patching accessories such as certificates, an amblyopia activity book, patching calendar and much more.

Kay Pictures Newsletter

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Kid’s Health

Information for kids, teens and parents on all aspects of health in the USA in a friendly, easy to understand format.

Royal College of Ophthalmology

Lots of useful links and the “public” section has information on all the common eye conditions and diseases with a number of information booklets to download.

Royal National Institute for the Blind

Devoted to helping people who are blind or partially-sighted. It has a huge array of public information about the eyes and how to maintain healthy eyesight. Professionals can look up information on available courses.

Makaton Signs for Eye Tests

Useful aid to support communication during vision testing using signs and symbols.

Moorfields Eye Hospital

Produces a number of publications on common eye conditions and treatments. There is a list of links to charities and support groups.

Reading Glasses

Daniel Cullen reading glasses provide a huge range of inexpensive and designer reading glasses, plus magnifyers and accessories.


SeeAbility have worked for over 200 years with people who are blind or partially sighted and have additional disabilities, such as physical and learning disabilities, degenerative illnesses, brain injuries and mental health problems.