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BIPOSA 2019 Survey Findings

Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey at BIPOSA in Edinburgh earlier this month.
Many of you asked whether we would publish the results of our questionnaire about visual acuity testing and the current BS EN ISO 8596:2018O Standards. Therefore, we are delighted to share the outcomes with you here. Please scroll down to view all results. Should the image size be too small, please click on the chart you would like to see larger and it will open.

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact us via e-mail here.

Total participants: 61

Part 1
BS EN ISO 8596:2018 British Standards for visual acuity testing- Standard and clinical optotypes and their presentation – sets out a European standard for optotypes and clinical visual acuity testing.

Part 2
ISO 8596:2018 recommends different spacing between C optotypes depending on the acuity size represented. The smallest being 0.4 of the Landolt optotype diameter for VAs below 6/95, but 3 times the diameter for VAs of 0.0 (6/6) or better.

Kay Pictures BIPOSA Survey Results