Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing
Specialising in Paediatric Vision Testing

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Evans Light Box with Kay Picture Acrylic Screening Chart

From £195.00

LED illuminated box with 3m distance screening chart


This lightweight LED illuminated box holds a single vision testing acrylic panel and has a spotlight below the panel. A manual side switch will select which section is illuminated. It comes with a 12V medical power plug and 2 metre lead to the right side of the unit.

The box is white in colour and can be wall-hung, or stood on its feet plus integral stability bar.

The LED illumination strips should last for 30-50,000 hours. Replacements can be fitted by the manufacturer.

The Kay Picture Test Screening Chart chart measures visual acuity sizes from LogMAR 0.80 to -0.10 (Snellen 3/19 – 3/2.4) with sizes 0.3 to -0.1 having a central linear format.

The chart provides quick vision screening from an early age using our validated picture optotypes. The two vertical columns allow each eye to be tested with a different selection of optotypes to avoid memorising them. The central row of four pictures can be scored to provide a crowded acuity measurement per optotype.

This standard size acrylic chart will slide up for easy replacement, if required.

Please choose between three options of the light box, light box with carry handle or light box with wall bracket from the dropdown menu above.

Country of origin: GB


Disconnect from mains!
This unit may be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth and a weak solution of detergent/disinfectant. Please note, alcohol-based cleaning fluids should NOT be used.

Technical Details

EN60601-1: approved
Input: 100-240v/AC, 50-60Hz, 160-80mA
Output (to Evans unit): 12v/DC, 600mA, 7.2w


Due to the weight of the product there is an additional shipping cost of £12.00 for deliveries within the UK. Overseas charges may be higher.

Country of origin: GB

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