We are keen to assist charities worldwide helping those who have limited access to professional equipment. If you are an orthoptist planning an overseas voluntary placement or practise abroad and are in need for vital equipment to carry out paediatric eye tests, please contact us with your ideas and requirements.

Future Talent

We have teamed up with universities across the UK to nurture and support future talent. Congratulations to all who have been awarded the Kay Picture Prize in recent years, we are very proud of you!

DENS Business Partner

We are proud partners of DENS, a homeless charity based locally in Dacorum, Hertfordshire. DENS ensure individuals have access to temporary and short-term accommodation as well as emergency food and supplies. DENS also provide advice and training to empower people to move on, sustain their own tenancy and build skills and confidence for the future.

We are delighted to be able to support this worthy cause and to be a small part in their immense efforts to protect vulnerable people and provide vital services to the community.