We would like to update you about an exciting new project we have been working on since the end of March.
When the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted that remote patient support was more important than ever, we were inspired to develop a tool that would aid eye professionals and patients alike.







About the App

The Amblyopia Tracker allows eye professionals to safely lengthen the time between clinical appointments by giving parents a simple way to monitor changes in their child’s vision at home during their treatment.

The app will only be available to patients through their eye professional, ensuring that home testing is part of ongoing eye care, and can be provided at no cost to parents.

Our idea won us a £50,000 Government Innovation grant, which has been put towards the overall costs and allowed us to develop a more sophisticated, guided app.

Both iOS and Android versions have been built and we have received NHS ethical approval for a research study which is currently being carried out.

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