Pink Pirate Fun Patches

Pink Pirate Fun Patches


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Product Description

Our pink pirate fun patches have a pink-sparkly skull and crossbones motif on pink breathable and washable fabric with matching elastic.

All our patches are made in the UK from hypo-allergic materials using water-based inks and dyes.

The pink pirate patches are available in packs of 10 of the same colour of which 5 are for the left and 5 are for right eye.

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More Details

Kay Fun Patch is our range of fabric, reusable, quality glasses patches for children who suffer from amblyopia. The patches are designed to fit comfortably and snugly under spectacles to provide effective occlusion. They are made in four processes, then individually-sewn entirely in the UK from hypo-allergic, breathable materials, using water-based inks and dyes. The patch style is universal for right or left eye, but some designs have right and left eye designs.


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