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Kay Magic Patch

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The Kay Magic Patch is an inconspicuous, adhesive patch for glasses to obscure all form to the wearer, yet they leave the eye behind visible. Kay Magic Patches are suitable for amblyopia (lazy eye) and intractable diplopia treatment. The patches are easily removed from the lens after use.

A pack of Kay Magic Patches contains 12 large patches which are 8cm x 6.5cm in size, enough for 36 uses. They are also available with a protective wallet.

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Magic Patch, Magic Patch with Wallet

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First cut the strip of Magic Patch slightly wider than the glasses lens to cover. Peel off the backing film and apply the sticky side to the inside surface of the lens, smoothing carefully to remove air bubbles.

Use a craft knife to cut along where the lens meets the frame and remove access material, leaving a patch that matches the lens shape exactly.

Alternatively, cut the Kay Magic Patch to the exact lens size and shape before removing backing film by making a template of the lens.

Polish with lens cloth or damp cloth. Do not immerse in water. Peel off to remove patch.


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