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Stick Prism
Individual stick prism mounted on a handle for easier use.
Four sizes available: 4, 10, 15 and 20 Diopter.
Order codes: 4D: PRISM4D 10D: PRISM10D 15D: PRISM15D 20D: PRISM20D
Frisby Stereo Tests
Frisby Stereo Tests measure a wide range of stereo acuity in true 3D, without the need for dissociating glasses. The test’s simple concept means that infants as young as 8 months can understand and comply with looking or reaching for the target. Stereo vision can be diagnosed even when acuity is poor.
Complete 3 Plate Test
Order code: FRIS
Lang Stereo Test
Pocket Test
Order codes:
6mm plate: FRISP 6mm & 3mm plate: FRISPS2
Measures stereo acuity easily in children and adults without the need for dissociating glasses. Three levels of stereo acuity on one handy card and comes in two options to test different levels of stereo acuity.
Measures from 1200 to 550 seconds of arc
Order code: LANG1
Measures from 600 to 200 seconds of arc
Order code: LANG2
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Orthoptic Testing

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