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Eye Patches Orthoptic Testing
Near Point Dot/
Letter Cards
Double-sided card for measuring the near point of convergence (dots) and of accommodation (letters), and for home exercises. Full user and patient instructions included.
Pack of 50.
Order code: NPD50
Flipper Lenses
Plus and minus  ipper lenses in  ve standard sizes used for the diagnosis and treatment of accommodative defects.
Order codes:
± 1.00 DS: FL1A ±1.50 DS: FL1B
±2.00 DS: FL1C +2.00/-4.00 DS: FL1D ±3.00 DS: FL1E
Other sizes may be available, on request.
Unglazed Flippers
Pack of 10 plastic  ipper frames in assorted colours
Kay Accommodative Rock Charts
Used as an exercise to improve accommodative  exibility and accuracy. Also of use in treating those with speci c literacy dif culties. Two sorts, one with letters/numbers and one with pictures. Comprises laminated near and distance cards and full instructions for use. Pack of 5.
Order codes: Letters/numbers: KARL Pictures: KARP
Dinosaur Vision
Therapy Cards
These transparent plastic cards have been designed to help with home training of monocular and binocular vision skills.
The multi-purpose card
has three grades of stereogram and exercises for convergence, jump versions, focusing,  xation, saccades and directionality.
The cards are available
in packs of ten with one comprehensive instruction booklet included.
Order code: DC10
Shop online at:
Order code: FLU
Dominant Eye Test Box
Simpli es process of determining the patient’s dominant eye. Very quick and easy for children to understand. Made from wipe-clean plastic. Provided in easy to assemble  at pack with full testing Instructions.
Order code: DET

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