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Cardiff Acuity Test
Preferential looking and vanishing optotypes test to measure the vision of pre-verbal babies and toddlers from about 10 months old, and those with a learning disability and language impairment.
The main options are the Standard Test, Low Vision Test and Contrast Sensitivity Test. The box can also be purchased separately.
Standard Test: CATST
Low Vision Test: CATLV Contrast Sensitivity Test: CATCS Box only: CATBOX
Grating Acuity Cards
Teller-type gratings preferential looking test provides a visual acuity assessment from as young as six weeks. It comprises 17 Log-scaled acuity cards plus one blank card, each with a central peep hole for observing the eye movements.
These acuity cards provide a rapid method of determining the visual acuity of infants and young children and can also be used to test stroke victims. The test cards can be purchased in three options. For full information on sizes, see our website.
Order codes:
Infant Grating Test (7 test cards plus blank) GRAINF Child Grating Test (10 test cards) GRACHI
Combined Grating Test (all 17 test cards plus blank) GRACOM
Mira ex Infant Trial Frame
These Mira ex children’s trial frames are  exible and safe, with lens holders for up to three standard 38 mm lenses and an astigmatism axis control dial.
Light and comfortable, with an adjustable elastic band to keep the frames well-centred on the child’s face.
Order codes:
Inter pupillary distance 55mm, blue frame: TRF1 Inter pupillary distance 57mm, grey frame: TRF2
HRR Colour Vision Test
Diagnoses congenital and acquired colour de ciencies using simple shapes. Comprises a 6 plate screening section plus 14 detailed diagnostic plates to determine the type and extent of colour de ciency. Matching card included and available separately.
Matt laminated. Age 3+.
Order codes:
Test book & matching card: HRRP Matching card only: HRRMC
Order code: COLDX
For full product information and prices visit: 5
Pseudo-isochromatic colour vision test that uses numbers and shapes (circle, star, cross and square) to make colour vision testing possible from as young as 36 months old.
It comprises 24 testing plates in total, plus two demonstration pages, providing one comprehensive test for all ages. Clear instructions are printed in the book. Results are easily scored on a form to indicate a pass or fail.
Orthoptic Tests Vision Testing

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