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Vision Testing
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Kay Letter Test
Linear letter acuity test comprising eight Sloan letters that are recommended British and US Standard test letters.
It contains comprehensive LogMAR sizing at three metres from sizes 1.00 to -0.10, plus near testing with LogMAR letters and high frequency words. Snellen equivalent sizes in metres and feet are also given.
Order code: KLTND
HRR Colour Vision Test
Diagnoses congenital and acquired colour deficiencies using simple shapes. Comprises a 6 plate screening section plus 14 detailed diagnostic plates to determine the type and extent of colour deficiency.
Matt laminated and set of matching cards. Age 3+.
Order code: HRRP
Cardiff Acuity Test
Preferential looking and vanishing optotypes test to measure the vision of pre-verbal babies and toddlers from about 10 months old, and those with a learning disability and language impairment.
Standard Test: CATST
Low Vision Test: CATLV Contrast Sensitivity Test: CATCS Box only: CATBOX
Colour Vision Testing Made Easy
Paediatric, pseudo isochromatic colour vision test
for pre-school children that uses shapes and simple pictures to make colour vision testing possible from as young as 2 years old.
Order code: CVTE 2
City Cardiff Infant Gratings Test
Gratings, preferential looking test provides a visual acuity assessment from as young as six weeks. It comprises 17 Log-scaled acuity cards, each with a central peep hole for observing the eye movements. The examiner can present the visual stimuli vertically or horizontally.
Order code: CATGRAT
Mira ex Infant Trial Frame
Flexible and safe for infants. Includes an adjustable axis control to define the astigmatism axis. It is light and comfortable with an adjustable elastic head band. The lens holders accept up to three standard 38 mm lenses.
Order code: TRF
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