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Hoppity Frog Has Two Clever Eyes
Story, colouring and activity book designed for children who are having treatment for amblyopia. The rhyming story is an account of having an eye test and getting glasses and an eye patch, designed to help children to understand their patching treatment in a simple, fun way. 10 pack: HOPP10
50 pack: HOPP50
Jungle Charts for Patches and Glasses
These charts help children remember to wear their patch or glasses and take pride in their success. Drawing a smile on a different animal each day gives the child a visible, positive record of their ongoing achievement over four weeks.
Order codes:
Jungle Patch Chart 100 pack: JPC100
Jungle Patch Chart 500 pack: JPC500
Jungle Glasses Chart 100 pack: JGC100
Jungle Glasses Chart 500 pack: JGC500
Patching Calendar
Four-week calendar and sticker packs to help with patching. The calendar has windows to open that reveal a picture and positive message. Encourages patching by association with adventurous, dif cult tasks, like climbing a mountain.
Order codes: 10 pack: CALEN10 50 pack: CALEN50
Toy Glasses and Patch
Realistic toy glasses in pink and blue to aid glasses compliance through play. Packs of 10 or 50 (equal mix of blue & pink).
The glasses can be bought with or without a fabric eye patch attached.
Jungle Certi cate
Reward a child for their effort and achievement with these fabulous certi cates. Simply insert the child’s name and add what big or small success they’ve achieved. Pack of 100 or 500.
Order codes: 100 pack: JCERT100 500 pack: JCERT500
Wedgees Glasses Retainers
Pack of 5 pairs. Keeps glasses from slipping and cushions behind the ear to improve comfort for spectacle wearers of all ages. Especially useful during sports.
Packs available in three colours: Pink, Grey and Black.
Order code: WEDG5
Order codes:
Toy glasses:
10 pack: TOYGLS10 50 pack: TOYGLS50
Toy glasses + patch: 10 pack: TOYGLSP10 50 pack: TOYGLSP50
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