About Us

Kay Pictures makes products so that children think vision testing is just fun and games

Seb ProfileKay Pictures is a small family business that was founded in 1984 by orthoptist, Hazel Kay when she researched and developed the Kay Picture Test vision testing system to enable earlier visual acuity measurements of very young children and those with learning disabilities.

We are delighted to announce that we have reviewed and modernised the design of our optotypes, and they have been fully-validated in a comprehensive research project by Liverpool University Directorate of Orthoptics and Vision Science.

Over the years we have designed other complementary paediatric orthoptic tests, providing a range of fixation, occlusion, reward stickers, and therapy products. We also supply paediatric colour vision and stereo acuity tests.

Our visual acuity tests are used by the eye-care professions (optometrists, ophthalmologists and orthoptists) plus school nurses, health visitors, teachers of the visually-impaired, paediatricians and others.

Hazel Kay continues to work as an orthoptist and personally researches and trials all new products for their suitability with young children. We are always happy to give personal help by email or phone, if you require.

The business is led by Hazel Kay and Sebastian Gibbs.


“Kay Pictures products are child friendly, colourful, fun and easy to use.”
Rebecca Smart, Orthoptist, Blackpool