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NEW! Say & Match App

Our brand new Kay Say and Match App is now available for download!

It provides a fun way to help very young children to practise and learn the Kay Picture optotypes prior to having an eye test.

Learning the picture names and the concept of matching improves a child’s confidence to perform the picture vision test at the earliest possible age. There are four games in the Kay Say and Match app, three of which are free to download and use on an iPad or iPhone. The fourth game is an in-app purchase costing £2.99.

The Name game teaches the names and sounds of the six Kay Picture optotypes. Knowing the picture names will give the child confidence to perform a professional vision test earlier than otherwise.

The three Match games associate the six pictures with cartoon animations to help children to learn the concept of matching the same picture. The games are fun and easy, with sounds and cheering rewards.

The Practice game simulates the key aspects of a vision test, where the picture to be matched is shown separately, remembered, then matched.

The Test game is an in-app purchase. This provides a speaking matching card to be used during a professional vision test. Each picture says its name when touched, making it easier for the examiner to hear which picture has been chosen, and more fun for the child. This is particularly helpful for children with some additional needs, such as autism.

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